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1: Lars Strandh - Behind the Horizon, by Valentins Petjko (2014)

2: Ларс Странд За горизонтом, эссе Валентина Петйко (2014)

3: Lars Strandh – the Colour, the Line, the "Framing", the Picture, by Dr. Tobias Hoffmann (2012)

4: Lars Strandh – die Farbe, die Linie, die "Rahmung", das Bild, by Dr. Tobias Hoffmann (2012)

5:...en engel gjennom rommet." by Olav Østensjø Øvrebø (2008)

6: " angel through the room." by Olav Østensjø Øvrebø (2008)

7: Nordic Vipassana by R. Byron Breese (2008)

8: Lars Strandh - ou les jeu de principes, by Ange Pieraggi (2007)

9: Lars Strandh - or, the game of the object, by Ange Pieraggi (2007)

10: Om tålamodet som modern arketyp, by Anders Engman (2003)

11: Patience as a modern archetype, by Anders Engman (2003)

12: A very patient man, by Per Gunnar Tverrbak (2003)

13: En meget tålmodig mann, by Per Gunnar Tverrbak (2003)