A short video interviue:
Lars Strandh on Trace Element at Zeitgeist Gallery, Nashville, 2014

For 20 years Lars Strandh has been investigating a limited range of colors in his paintings. The atmospheric, multi layered color paintings are “developed” out of thousands of horizontal thin brush strokes, which at first glance appear to be, but not are, monochrome. On the contrary there are many different colors, pigments and hues and also a diversity of matt and glossy strokes.

The works emanates a stillness that invites contemplation but also reflection in a perceptual or metaphysical way. The simplicity is actually very complex and makes the paintings totally experiential.

Through the repetitive painting process the paintings can be seen as a statement and a research of time, existence and presence.
The more time you give to a painting the more will be given back to you.


-«Simplicity can be provocative; The sneaking suspicion of being underrated, of being lulled into a streamlining way of thinking that robs the world of its complexity and wealth of nuances.
The simplicity in Lars Strandh’s art is not like that. The paintings may not even be as simple as they immediately appear to be or feel like.
With a closer look one quickly discovers that there is a preciseness to the work done here, this is an artist who has put brushes and palette to use and created a meticulous and patient work.»
Olav Østensjø Øvrebø. (From the essay «...an angel in the room»)